dinsdag, mei 13, 2008

Working at Qi-ideas

Like I said before it's been very busy. I've been working on a very big project and when the time is right, read when the client say's it's ok :-), more on that. 
But in the meantime I've been in the Netherlands for some work.

2 weeks ago me and 2 of my collegue's: Raf, Indra, joined the lovely people at Qi-Ideas in Amsterdam.
We did a 'Flash rush': five days, three flash developers and lots of coffee on a project for Nivea called My Silhouette!

It's been intense but we had a great time. Everybody at Qi made us feel welcome and we were well taken care of!

Holland rules!

Thanks to everybody at Qi-Ideas and special thanks to Sander, Emily, Django and Niels.
Niels, thanks for taking us out into town. We had a great time man!

Check out:

1. First minute of arrival. Raf checking the WiFi...

2. Indra & Raf  and the Qi-building in the background... Impressive

3. As a Belgian, I say to you, Jean Marie Pfaff is everywhere.

Raf doing his thing...

Party at Qi (Niels on the left)

2 opmerkingen:

Fabianv zei

Qi-ideas looks like a great place.. their website rocks! Looks like a very creative bunch to me.

Niels zei

Hey Wim,

Ook wij vonden het leerzaam, inspirerend en natuurlijk super gezellig :>

Volgende keer bij jullie...