maandag, april 24, 2006

Useless actionscript?

pornvalidation_btn.onRelease = function() {
indexOfPorn = email.text.indexOf("porn");
lastIndexOfSex = email.text.lastIndexOf("sex");
if (indexOfPorn !=-1 && lastIndexOfSex !=-1){
if (lastIndexOfSex message.text="this email seems to be legit.";
}else {
message.text="There seems to be somebody entering your email in the porn database";
} else {
message.text="please do not waste time not sending me porn";

Yoshimi battles the pink robots

Pink Robot by our own Murten:

Flaming Lips illustration challenge on designwire:

Murten says he's the greatest...
/* we'll see :-)*/

Rock on!

no further comments...

Rock on!

dinsdag, april 11, 2006

Mike Chambers from Adobe/Macromedia podcast

Mike Chambers, senior product manager for Adobe/Macromedia gained worldfame with introducing this: import mx.utils.Delegate
/* for me that is */
/* notice the picture of Mike looking very smart */

You can find his podcast here:

Topic covered in this podcast include:

Open Source ActionScript 3 Libraries
FlexUnit - ActionScript 3 unit testing framework
RSS / Atom Library
Public Subversion Repository for developer relations ActionScript 3 API
Flow Mashup Application
Flex 2 Styling
Ideas for future podcast guests
Podcast license

Listen and learn people! Listen and learn yeah!

vrijdag, april 07, 2006

Asiam - A waving hand

Check out this demo clip from Asiam's upcoming album.

It's gonna be a great album.

The band features my 'perfect cousin' Bob on bass.
Bob and everybody in the band keep on rocking dudes!

dinsdag, april 04, 2006

maandag, april 03, 2006

The Flex Ajax Bridge

Picked up today:

The Flex Ajax bridge (FABridge) is a library of code enable to expose it's scripting to the browser. This enables you to define an interface for Javascript to communicate directly with actionscript.

read about it here:

view a demo application here

I think we're on a roll!