maandag, maart 30, 2009

Thomas Joos: Mobile from concept to development

At the last dutch Adobe usergroup meeting my colleague Thomas Joos did a very interesting session with some inside looks about mobile development.

In this session, Thomas will give you an inside look at what exactly happens before they launch Flash and start developing mobile applications. Having a cool idea is a good start, but it's not the only key to a sucessful application. You will get some tips and tricks that will help you to work out your concept more properly.

His talk in his dutch but I'm sure if you contact him he will answer all your questions.

Check it out:

Also check out Serge Jespers session where he dives deeper into the new possibilities of Adobe's mobile platform.

zaterdag, maart 21, 2009

How about that: I won an FWA award!

I am really excited about winning an FWA award for my portfolio website

I've been working quite some time on it, changing the concept over and over again. 
I wanted to create a very experimental website which would focus on user input to build up the site not using any other graphical assets, except for text.

I stayed close to my initial idea for a long time but even most of my colleagues couldn't grasp it at first (no offense guys :-)
So considering it is a portfolio site and at some point people need to access some data, I remodeled it, to make it a bit more conventional.

But working on websites and concepts like this is a never ending story.
I am working on some stuff with the guys from HOLOCUBE, so stay tuned for more...

I would like to thank everybody at Boulevart for the support, Valentijn for his wisdom and the FWA team for having the FWA.


maandag, maart 02, 2009

I got featured in new book by Taschen

I am very proud to announce one of my websites got featured in a new book published by Taschen. The book is called Web Design:Navigation and showcases websites working around new concepts of navigation.

The site in the book is the website showcasing my work We Are The World.
Thanks to the crew at Taschen and Julius Wiedemann in particular for being out there and focussing on art and websdesign.