donderdag, juli 20, 2006

Flash in the can video's online

Some really good video's of presentations and conversations from some of the masters taken from the Flash in the can festival.


Joshua Davis
Ben Fry
Colin Moock
Stefan Sagmeister

Make sure to check out the conversation between Joshua Davis and Stefan Sagmeister about fortune and fame.

maandag, juli 17, 2006

Behind the scenes of a website

See how rich media websites are developped now a days.
The workflow is pretty close to shooting a commercial or multiple scene's for any regular movie.

Creating full blown experiences on the web like this one,, is more than opening up photoshop and flash. It involves a lot of strategic decisions, (motion) designers, tight planning and budget control, studio's, actors, technicians, coders, copywriters, and so on...

The times that you could create a competitive, compelling consumer website for high-end clients with 2 guys and a flash intro are really behind us now.
We are all growing up aren't we :-)

But beware, sites like these must be well tested.
It did crash on me. While preloading a new section, the preloader just gave up on me and nothing happend anymore. I waited for more than 15 seconds, but nothing happend. I couldn't click on anything anymore as well.
I also noticed 2 translation mistakes in the dutch website.
* In the interior section one of the buttons says: "Verken de buitenzijde", which means 'explore the exterior'.
* the back button, which is actually also the preloader, still says: "retour acceuil". Which is French and should not appear when you are in the dutch website.

Apart from that, very nice work!


A book will never let you down

Nice, very nice

donderdag, juli 06, 2006

Inspiration and the big ones

Seems like Big Spaceship got their inspiration for their newest film website from Hi-res great sites like Saw and Donnie Darko

Both of these sites have been around for quite a while but still... I think it's all about guts just putting sites like this online for a very commercial product like a movie. It works...

But hey, don't we all sometimes get some inspiration from Hi-res?

All together now: Yes we do!