zondag, september 21, 2008

Actionfields exhibtion rescheduled to October

My exhibition at Actionfields gallery in Brussels will start October 10th!
So here's the repost from August.

Many fine artist like Ben Kruisdijk & Conny Kuilboer, Stefan Annerel, Thomas Huyghe, Greet Van Autgaerden and many others have exhibited there.

For more info please visit www.actionfields.be

I would like to thank Vincent Verbiest for believing and having me in his gallery. Vincent is a cool guy who cares for art and the artists he works with. Thanks Vincent.

I also would like to thank Carl Jacops for believing in me, listening to me, giving me good advise and mentoring me. Thanks Carl.

Selected works:

We Are The World

The Interpreter

The Participator

If you wanna know more about my art, please drop me a line or just stop by and stay tuned on my blog and website.

Did I mention all of my work is done in Flash?
Well it's all done in Flash :-)