vrijdag, september 29, 2006

Flash Player on Linux

Yup, this is what we nerds do in our spare time.

Me and my buddy Peter, got the standalone flash player 6 working on Linux distr. Fedora Core 5. It didn't work the first time offcourse (it's always like that). Problems with missing libraries and stuff. We had to install some libraries from the Fedora 4 core and suddenly it worked.

We all know the feeling when stuff like this suddenly works. For about 7.3 seconds you really think you are the smartest one on the planet.

It's a pitty that Adobe doesn't support newer standalone versions than version 6.

Muchas gracias to Mr. Peter Galle, for setting up the Linux and walking me through it!

1. Encountering problems...

2. We made it!

3. SWF with animations and scripting

donderdag, september 28, 2006

The Lemonheads, new album out now!

Haaaaa... sweet teenage memories coming back and so are The Lemonheads.

This great band (which is actually Evan Dando) released a new record!

Evan Dando worked together with Bill Stevenson and Karl Alvarez from punkrock pioneers Descendents.
You can defenitly recognise my guitar hero J Mascis in some songs. Oh man, I'm so excited!
Even Dinosaur Jr. is touring again!! Oh why am I in Europe...

It looks like most of the bands and people I grew up with listening too are getting back together.
Come on Bob Mould, let's get Sugar back together will ya!

FACT: I have met Bill Stevenson somewhere in the year 1999 when he was drumming with Bad Religion. I played in a band that was the warming up act for Bad Religion. I only remember thinking:"That guy is a really good drummer". Which he is... Just listen to the DESCENDENTS albums.

The bands official site:

Listen to the sweet melodies here:

Rush out to the store and buy this one.
Don't download it, Evan had enough trouble for the past years. Give him a break...

Missing the point in viral marketing?

A couple of months back, someone asked me why I'm such an extremist. Surely, everything traditional marketing can't be bad. Why not be a big more moderate.

Read on here:


Some interesting thoughts about online marketing...
My point is that some of the arguments stated are open for discussion. But as the writer states, she is merely looking at this from an extremist point of view.

Happy reading!

Big Spaceship Labs!

Big Spaceship have put their code on how the did the movenement in the Nike Air site online.
You can find here:

Dear people, this is really something.

Let me refraise again:
One of the market industry leaders who are shaping the sites as we like them are putting the source code of one of their newest engines online. We are not talking about some bouncing ball they have developped 2 years ago. This engine is brand new and used in their latest work.

If more agencys use this code and, more important, share their own, the evolution of multimedia websites will be much faster than it is today.

So it's not all about the code itself actually. The initiative is even as much as important.
I hear you saying: "Open source is widespread allready and many fine people have put some great code online allready. So why are you so excited?"
Well because Big Spaceship is one the few market leaders doing it. Not too many agencys like BS are doing this.

In the end (does it end really?), we will all benefit from this and especially agencys who were there first :-)

Thank you Big Spaceship!

check out the Big Spacehip video presentation from the latest Flash In The Can festival:

dinsdag, september 26, 2006

10 years of Flash Party

Because I was in Crete, I missed the 10 years of Flash party hosted by the belgian MMUG.
Looks like everybody had a lot of fun. Everybody was there
(hi Peter, Serge, Gert, Christel, Wim, ...)

I will defenitly be there at the 20 year party :-)

Check out the pics here:


Thanks to the fine people who have put this together!

dinsdag, september 19, 2006

Sunset in Crete

I'm back from a fantastic holiday on the beautiful isle of Crete, in a small town called Makrigialos, with these beautiful ladies:

And this every evening:

And this book was there too:

It's been great. Hope we can go back soon...

woensdag, september 06, 2006

dinsdag, september 05, 2006


Very well done


A webcam driven game in Flash. It runs very smoothly.
Nice and clean coding.

You can even play it with your tongue. (yup it's me)

Winning a pitch?

Check out how agency.com works at a pitch for Subway.

The movie is the pitch. I think this is a very nice idea.
You can only make progress by pushing the boundenaries people!

Not today man, I'm feeling saucy!

Oh yeah! This is the stuff I grew up with!

'The may I help you riff'. Hilarious!
Everybody who plays the guitar and has been into a guitar shop knows what this means.

Off course I was a big fan of Captain Beefheart, John Zorn, Sonic Youth and all movies by Emil Kusturica and Fellini too... Off course...

vrijdag, september 01, 2006