donderdag, september 28, 2006

The Lemonheads, new album out now!

Haaaaa... sweet teenage memories coming back and so are The Lemonheads.

This great band (which is actually Evan Dando) released a new record!

Evan Dando worked together with Bill Stevenson and Karl Alvarez from punkrock pioneers Descendents.
You can defenitly recognise my guitar hero J Mascis in some songs. Oh man, I'm so excited!
Even Dinosaur Jr. is touring again!! Oh why am I in Europe...

It looks like most of the bands and people I grew up with listening too are getting back together.
Come on Bob Mould, let's get Sugar back together will ya!

FACT: I have met Bill Stevenson somewhere in the year 1999 when he was drumming with Bad Religion. I played in a band that was the warming up act for Bad Religion. I only remember thinking:"That guy is a really good drummer". Which he is... Just listen to the DESCENDENTS albums.

The bands official site:

Listen to the sweet melodies here:

Rush out to the store and buy this one.
Don't download it, Evan had enough trouble for the past years. Give him a break...

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