donderdag, juli 31, 2008

Chuck Norris and Flash!

Dude, if flash is good enough for Chuck Norris’s website then it’s good enough for everyone else. If Chuck finds out your bashing his preferred web technology, then he might stopAndUnload(you).

That says it all. Great comment on a guy not liking Flash by Wes Rice in a post done by Lee Brimelow over at the FlashBlog. Read it here.

Don't forget to check out the Christian Area...

Remeber: If Flash is good enough for Chuck Norris, it is good enough for everybody!

woensdag, juli 30, 2008

Cuil: The new hype can't handle me...

I tried a search on myself at Cuil, the new self proclaimed hype that will make Google look like a litle choir boy (sic..). It turns out they can't handle me...

It must be that millions of people are looking for me, or they have a server problem. It must the first option for sure.

Click the picture and see for yourself...

It's good to be famous... Feel like Frank Ze now :-)

maandag, juli 28, 2008

Session video's from Adobe User Group Netherlands

Although I couldn't be present at the latest Adobe User Group meeting in the Netherlands, it was great!

How do I know? They've got it all on tape.

Check it out the sessions here:

Just on the side, Mario is always, and I mean always, good. 
He says his new title is: 'Lead Computational Artisen' (or something) which in my opinion is just the same as NERD... But that's no problem, because we all are.

The streams are really great and the people from the dutch user group are doing some nice work.

Thanks to the dutch Adobe User Group!

donderdag, juli 17, 2008

Adobe AIR Photobooth: Crazy Cam

Yes, now Windows users can use Photobooth as well. 
Thanks to my collegue Maarten Cox who released this AIR app called CrazyCam
Read more or download at Maarten's blog or at Boulevart Labs

Nice work dude!

btw, the robot in the picture is mine. I have it since I was like 6 years old. It really feels nice to have this guy in this app now. 

dinsdag, juli 08, 2008

Exhibition: Wim Vanhenden @ Actionfields Brussels - art with flash

I am proud to inform you that coming august I will be exhibiting at the Actionfields gallery in Brussels.

Many fine artist like Ben Kruisdijk & Conny KuilboerStefan AnnerelThomas HuygheGreet Van Autgaerden and many others have exhibited there.

For more info please visit

I would like to thank Vincent Verbiest for believing and having me in his gallery. Vincent is a cool guy who cares for art and the artists he works with. Thanks Vincent. 

I also would like to thank Carl Jacops for believing in me, listening to me, giving me good advise and mentoring me. Thanks Carl.

Selected works:

We Are The World

The Interpreter

The Participator

If you wanna know more about my art, please drop me a line or just stop by in august and stay tuned on my blog and website.

Did I mention all of my work is done in Flash?
Well it's all done in Flash :-)