woensdag, december 20, 2006

These Days and Nokia

We just finished 3 projects for Nokia, check 'em out:



http://www.cnmoves.com/local/index_vl.html (dutch)
http://www.cnmoves.com/local/index_fr.html (french)

If I say so myself, some pretty nifty work from our crew.
Very well done everybody!


maandag, december 18, 2006

Underdog.be brings you Santa!

Mr. Wim Wauters and the underdog crew released a nice 3D Santa Claus game.


Very well done guys!
Check out some other fine work done by the crew:

I just need to mention here that I had the pleasure of working with Wim and I hope we can do it more in the feauture.

woensdag, december 13, 2006

A floating island anyone?

The last couple of months I started noticing a lot of floating islands in webdesign.

You see, I allready told everybody this 4 years ago: "Someday floating islands will be hot!"
Some made fun of me, some of my best friends abandoned me, some tried to put me in a mental institution.

See who's laughing now!

maandag, december 11, 2006

BeastAnimation does Lotto

Beastanimation, co-founded by my good friend Steven De Beul, created a new commercial for Lotto.

You can view the commercial and read about it here:


Nice work Steven and Ben!