dinsdag, mei 05, 2009

Flash and the HoloCube

I've been running some preliminary tests with my work 'We Are The World' running in a device called the Holocube

The Holocube is a fully integrated 3D projection platform. 
It is originally designed to display product presentations but you can project anything in it really.

I am using the FlashPlayer 10 3D capabilities to extrude the displayed text. 
And just a quick word of advice. 
If you want to mirror (the Holocube needs a mirrored image) a textfield in Flash do it like this:

var metrics : TextLineMetrics = _textfield.getLineMetrics(0);

_textfield.text = "Hello World";

_textfield.scaleY = -1;

_textfield.y = _textfield.textHeight + metrics.ascent + metrics.descent;

The Holocube and some of my other work will be showing at my exhibition at the Zebrastraat Art Center in Gent, Belgium. 

Opening next Thursday 07/05 @ 8:00 PM. 
You are now invited!

Muchas mega thanks to Jan and his crew at Holocube for the support!