woensdag, januari 28, 2009

Adobe Flash in episode of USA version The Office

Very weird conversation about Flash, Acrobat and Quark in an episode of the usa version of The Office (episode 7 of season 5).

The writers completely missed the point but lesson learned: Flash is everywhere!

Sorry about the bad framerate, but it's the message that counts right :-)

donderdag, januari 08, 2009

Happy New Year! How to f**ck up 20 million dollars

Happy New Year everybody!

To make you feel good during these harsh times, check this out:

This is the story about Riot-E. 
In the year 2000 a few guys started a company for creating mobile concepts. They raised a budget up to 20 million dollars (coming from Nokia, News Corporation, etc...) and then they screwed it...

Good documentary about ego's, bad decision's, manic depression and liars.

Read more about it: