maandag, januari 30, 2006

We made it trough the week-end, barely...

We made it through the week-end. Barely,... but we made it!

Here it is, Murten's playlist for today:

DHT (danger hardcore team)
this was Indra's (check the 2nd picture) former band.
We have a hardcore legend with us and we are proud of it!
Keith Urban
Fleetwood Mac
Marc Cohn
Ronan Keating

I'd like to say we rock...


donderdag, januari 26, 2006

Aren't we sweet?

Oh yeah we did it!

We just moved in, take a look at our multi-functional facilities.
Here we enjoy horse riding, intellectual conversations, swimming and backpack hiking and oh yeah, we work here too...

woensdag, januari 25, 2006

Seeing Is Believing first signs of Life

Hello World!

SeeingIsBelieving has its first sign of life in the digital world.

/* note: always make sure you're hair looks good when reading */

SeeingIsBelieving is specialised in creating experiences through rich applications.
These rich applications can be anything from websites over interfaces to installations all in the field of multimedia. The word multimedia is so commonly used nowadays, that we tend to forget what it really means:

Multimedia is commonly used in relation to computer applications in which different media are used.
In this context media can be sound, music, images, photo's, video as well as 'input media' like a keyboard, a touch-screen, a joystick, mouse,...
In the context of art and design, multimedia reffers to a paradigm that finds itself outside the boundaries of the tradtional.It is mostly used in relation with new media, design and art forms. Because most of these have a tradition of breaking out of boundenaries.

With graduated en certified people in different fields like art, social sciences, information technology and product design we try to push the boundaries for ourselves and our clients.

We see ourselves as hightech producers: sometimes we just create ideas and sometimes we create quality custom based applications.

We also see ourselves as a bunch of nerds trying to do cool stuff. We are experienced in the web, content management systems, viral marketing platforms, business critical applications, mobile technology, video, 3D and installations. We produce, create and combine all these thing in on-line, desktop or live based environments.

SeeingIsBelieving is a subdivision of the Cronos Group ( and therefore in addition with all other subdivisions we have access to all major sources, technologies and platforms where creation and integration are central. Our consultants stand alone in al fields of production and development and can also be a strong addition to your in-house resources. Through experience and know-how we are used working in difficult circumstances: handling dead-lines, grasping new technologies,...

Technology is in the heart of everything we do.