woensdag, november 26, 2008

Flash art: We Are The World projection in the center of Brussels

Tomorrow is kick off day for the Cimatics festival in Brussel. This is an international audio visual festival held at different locations in Brussels spread over 3 days.

I am proud to share the line up with people like Casey Reas, Byetone, RYbN, Antoine Schmitt and many more.
There will also be work from the people from LabAU and screenings from Transmediale.

Friday evening my work 'We Are The World', will be projected on the side of the Crowne Plaza hotel at Place Rogier in Brussels.
I'm talking a HUGE projection here. Tonight we ran some tests and the results are wonderful.

Check out the pictures from the testing session.

I love these machines

My Banksy image desktop 20/25 meters

The crew

From a distance

Flash on the wall

dinsdag, november 25, 2008

Boulevart's Thomas Joos Finalist @ MAX Milan

My colleague Thomas Joos at Boulevart has done it once again!

His Rock Werchter Mobile Guide was selected as an Award Finalist entry for the Adobe Max Milan 2008 Awards in the ”Develop” category.

Vote for Thomas here:

This is ├╝ber cool and we at Boulevart are very proud to be one of the finalists.
Nice job Thomas!

maandag, november 24, 2008

Heading for Adobe MAX 2008: Milan -- Session list

I am glad to be attending the Adobe MAX conference held in Milan this year.
I'd like to thank the people from Adobe for their support and I hope to see some old and new friends there.

We're gonna have fun for sure!

Last year I did a session with Nicolas Lierman.
This time I'm off the hook, so I can go on and enjoy all the seasons without having to worry if my computer will work, will the projector not fail, will my hair be ok, etc...

On the wishlist:

Definitely have to check the keynotes.
There are so many good sessions planned.
I guess I will have to try to find the right balance between technical and inspirational sessions.

Here's my (first) list:

Building High-Performance Applications for Adobe AIR by Mihai Corlan.
Community and Flash Player by Justin Everett-Church.
Revolutionizing Behavioral Analytics with Adobe AIR by Nicolas Lierman (go Nico go!).
Hands-on with Thermo: Creating Interactive Designs by Serge Jespers and Andrew Spaulding.
Here Be Pixels by Mario Klingeman.
Flash Player Internals by Jim Corbett.
Breathe AIR into Your Brand by Tom Krcha.
Creating Marketing Platforms Using the Adobe Flash Platform and Flex 3 by Branimir Angelov.
Society of Digital Agencies (SODA) on the integrated customer experience by Michael Lebowitz (Big Spaceship) and Richard Lent (Agencynet).
Makin money with Adobe AIR by Grant Skinner.
Developing exceptional brand experiences by Ivan Todorov (Blitz).

All of these guys have done some very very cool stuff. 
You probably experienced this too,...  Attending sessions like these give you the feeling you don't know anything anymore, but at the same time they are the perfect energy boost. Love it!