maandag, augustus 27, 2007

Adobe AIR summercamp ROCKED! We won!

Nicolas, Frederic and myself were invited by the good folks over at Adobe to come and compete at the Adobe AIR summercamp benelux.

And yes, we won! We are attending MAX in Barcelona this year, thanks to Adobe

Nico, Frederik you guys rocked, thanks for working so hard, the great teamwork and the spirit. I love you guys!

We created 'Stinky Panda'. A 3D tamagotchi that lives on your desktop. You have to feed it music and pictures, you have to put it to sleep and you have to clean it's crap. I kid you not. It will pollute your desktop fast with 'crap'. So you better clean up.

More on Stinky Panda and his future over at Boulevart labs.

Special thanks to Serge from Adobe, for inviting us, for setting this up and for helping us out during the night walk, respect and muchas gracias dude!

Many hugs to Benjamin Dopler for his insights on the ByteArray class and for being a wicked guy. Thanks man!
Thanks to Christophe Rooms from Adobe for his work on the drag and drop API, the databases and his support and last but not least Lilly from Blue Projects for organising and having some 30 nerds walk in line.

The guys from Lostboys ended up in 2nd place with a slick VJ mixing tool with an incredibly cool interface.
3rd position was for the guys from TribalDDB with something called the AIR Hole. A tiny application but with lots of power. You can send files directly to someone else by dragging it into the hole on your desktop.

It was great to finally meet some of the guys who's work I was allready familiar with.
I had a great time with Eric and Thijs from Lostboys, Joey and Jan Willem from TribalDDB, Andre from Atos Origin, Sander and his buddy from Satama, Sakri from Nascom, Pascal from Thesedays and on and on...

Thanks to all the teams for their support!
It was a blast and I hope to be seeing some of the guys back really soon.

I'll be on holiday for the coming 2 weeks but I will be back!

maandag, augustus 13, 2007

Adobe AIR and Flash CS3: Demo with source

Here is an AIR demo that encapsulates some neat AIR and AS3 tricks.
It is called the Kevin Bacon Drag and Drop.
You have to drag an image file (jpg, png or gif) to the top of the screen.
When you drop the file it will fall down.
Make sure it lands on Kevin's camera and your picture will appear on the screen behind Kevin.

This a summary of all the features implemented in this demo:
1. compiled and written within Flash CS3 (not Flexbuilder)
2. the Adobe AIR drag and drop API
3. pixel perfect collision detection in AS3
4. the use of custom events and event bubbling
5. Ratio scaling for images

Thanks to Grant Skinner you can now compile AIR files from within Flash CS3.
Download and read the instructions here:

The Adobe AIR API documentation is build in the Flex3 Language reference (look for the classes with a blue dot next to them)

Download the installer file here:

Download the source files here:

Here's a few mac and windows screenshots:





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dinsdag, augustus 07, 2007

Look who's a web 2.0 expert...

pointed out to me by this fine dude: aboutnico

Check this out boys and girls:

Click the link and search for Mr MC Hammer!

Career change anyone?