maandag, februari 25, 2008

FITC Amsterdam 2008 : Britney is back!

As I am seated here next to Peter, Nicolas his presentation about the Google Analytics Suite is about to begin.

Together with Wannes and Sven I arrived at the creek of dawn and were present for the keynote by Mike Downey, Serge Jespers and Richard Galvan.

Most important features to remember:

1. Britney Spears is back according to Mike Downey.
2. AIR 1.0 is officialy out now!

The new Flash IDE, code named DIESEL, seems like a return to animation. In the days of Flash 5 lots of animators, including the ones working for TV, used Flash as a development tool for their animations. When AS 2.0 came out the focus was shifted more towards scripting but the new features of Flash CS4 is about getting back to the roots.
There's lot of improvement on tweening, tweening paths, there is basic 3D support, an advanced keyframe editor, inverse kinematics and so on...