woensdag, juni 28, 2006

I should get up

Thank god for the beautiful things in life and to Teddy Thompson...

Music is most definitly the highest form of art.

100 awesome music videos

A nice collection of 100 music video's selected by Pitchfork.

Take me there

Have fun!

Oh yeah, David Hasselhof is in the list as well.
Most people tend to laugh with David's music (and his acting) career.
We at SeeingIsBelieving do not participate in such activities. We support David for a 100%.
I contacted Quentin Tarantino the other day and asked him if he could pull off a 'John Travolta comeback' for David...
He said: "yes".

dinsdag, juni 27, 2006

Projects and planning... The pain...

If you are a designer or developer and you haven't experienced the following you're not for real!


Remember, you are not alone!

I love Seinfeld!

Jerry Seinfeld said he would like to start an advertising agency with no participation for clients in the projects.

I wish I was Jerry Seinfeld... sigh...

Ze Frank presents:

Crazy genius Frank Ze presents:

His advice for making your website a hit: "Be funny and don't sell anything"

I think we can all learn from that.

Virgin did a good job on this one:



maandag, juni 19, 2006