woensdag, augustus 06, 2008

Flash 3D engines: clipping benchmark test

Whenever working in Flash and 3d I always start out with the same setup.
One plane and on that plane a cube. I think that's a nice setup to get your environment ready, setting up the camera and stuff.

While using Papervision, I noticed when moving the cube some clipping occurred. The cube was disappearing under some of the plane's faces.

So I did a little test with 4 of the most used 3d packages around.
1. Papervision
2. Away3D
3. Sandy
4. Alternativa

The setup is always the same.
The regular plane object of the package with a regular colormaterial applied and a regular cube object with a bitmap material applied to it.
The tweens are done with Tweener. All the settings are default except for camera y and z positions in order to get the same cameraview, well sort of, for all the tests.

Download the sources here.

As you can see Sandy and Alternativa produce the best results.

Note that is is no speed test or a full comparison. Some of these engines have great features the other ones are lacking of and vica versa.
It also may be possible by using more advanced features of Papervision or Away3D the clipping problem could be solved, but that is out of the scope of my test. 

If anyone knows how to improve the clipping, please let me know!