maandag, mei 19, 2008

Capture and write an audio stream with Adobe AIR

A small demo, including source files, in how to capture and record an audio stream in AIR.
You can listen to the audio stream and write it as an mp3 to your desktop.

I got the idea to try from my colleague Wannes Coolen. Thx dude!

In the example I use the internet radio audio stream from Studio Brussel.
This is the biggest alternative radio station in Belgium.

In general it works like this:
1. Use URLStream class to access the stream
2. Transfer the stream into a bytearray like this:
        var bArray : ByteArray = new ByteArray();
3. Write the bytearray to the desktop with FileStream
4. You are done.

Please never mind the looks of this application, it's about what's inside :-)

Download demo AIR app here
Download source files here


donderdag, mei 15, 2008

Neopets on AIR coming to you!

People over at, owned by MTV/Nickelodeon, are doing a port of their platform to Adobe AIR.

If you watch the video, you will see this will become one of the coolest apps out there. It may remind you a bit of one of the first God games out there called Populous.

It's not released yet, but keep an eye out:

The people over at MTV seem to recognize the potential Adobe AIR has to offer their business. An application for Nickelodeon is already released at this moment.

"With Adobe AIR, we can deliver highly interactive, easy-to-use applications that Nickelodeon fans can enjoy right away. It lets us take our services and brand from the web to the desktop, keeping viewers engaged whether they are online or offline."

- Jason Root, Senior Vice President,

I strongly believe in the power of Adobe AIR not only for business applications but also for applications in the entertainment , community & social industry's with apps directly focused on consumers.

And yes, as developer it's just fun to do :-)

A small reminder: a few screenshots of the Tamagotchi test 'Stinky Panda' and off course the Google Analytics Desktop Suite we did at Boulevart

also posted at

dinsdag, mei 13, 2008

Multi Mania 2008: be there or be square!

I will be doing a session at the upcoming Multi Mania conference the 23th of May.
I will be talking about Flash and Air, and how you can do some really cool stuff when you combine them. I am not talking you're average mp3 player or standard business application here people!

Multi Mania is one of the biggest multimedia events in Europe. 
With more than 30 international speakers and +800 attendees this is one not to miss! And most of all, it's free of charge!

I will be in the good company of guys and girls like: Peter Elst, Ralph Hauwert, Aral Balkan, Mario Klingemann, Stephanie Sullivan, Hoss Gifford, Bart Chanet, Seven Productions, Group94, Serge Jespers and so on...

The atmposhere will be good, there are great speakers, there is free luch and there will be a great party afterwards, so I'll see you there!

A word of thanks to everybody involved in organizing this FREE event is in place here.
Muchas gracias Multi Mania team!

Don't forget to stay in touch for the great mobile app for Multi Mania my collegue Mr. Thomas Joos is developing. Check it out here:

Working at Qi-ideas

Like I said before it's been very busy. I've been working on a very big project and when the time is right, read when the client say's it's ok :-), more on that. 
But in the meantime I've been in the Netherlands for some work.

2 weeks ago me and 2 of my collegue's: Raf, Indra, joined the lovely people at Qi-Ideas in Amsterdam.
We did a 'Flash rush': five days, three flash developers and lots of coffee on a project for Nivea called My Silhouette!

It's been intense but we had a great time. Everybody at Qi made us feel welcome and we were well taken care of!

Holland rules!

Thanks to everybody at Qi-Ideas and special thanks to Sander, Emily, Django and Niels.
Niels, thanks for taking us out into town. We had a great time man!

Check out:

1. First minute of arrival. Raf checking the WiFi...

2. Indra & Raf  and the Qi-building in the background... Impressive

3. As a Belgian, I say to you, Jean Marie Pfaff is everywhere.

Raf doing his thing...

Party at Qi (Niels on the left)