vrijdag, november 24, 2006

Digital wind... Better than the real thing

Check out the campaign for Lynxblow:


Blow into the microphone or speakers and the girl will react on it.

Great video integration and very well done.
The 'I am lazy' button is a very cool feature. You don't have to set up your speakers and in return you get a nice preview of what to expect when you do find the time to set up everything.

It reminded me of this nice piece of art:


maandag, november 20, 2006

Beautiful Mess_v1

A personal project.

check it out:


It's a real live search engine keyword scraper with text to speech.

It's for sale: 25.000$ for a lifetime license(projector included)

Hell Yeah!

Contact me

woensdag, november 15, 2006

This clip is taken from the dutch show Willy's en Marjetten.

This is a fantastic one!

'Nu weten we meteen waar die syfilis van nonkel Armand vandaan komt: In Zaire'

I think that's funny!

woensdag, november 08, 2006

Adobe, Mozilla, and Tamarin

Adobe's contribution to the Mozilla project of open source code for their ActionScript Virtual Machine (AVM2).

This sounds really interesting.

Check it out:


Thanks to Nicolas for sending this to me

vrijdag, november 03, 2006

MIT OpencourseWare

The massachusetts institute of technology better know as the MIT now has OpenCourseWare.

MIT OCW is a large-scale, Web-based electronic publishing initiative funded jointly by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation , MIT, and generous support of the Ab Initio software company.
MIT OCW's goals are to:
Provide free, searchable, access to MIT's course materials for educators, students, and self-learners around the world.
Extend the reach and impact of MIT OCW and the "opencourseware" concept.

I am now watching a video about the analysis of Algorithms.
The OCW initiative is very interesting for people like me to get an inside look of what those great minds like John Maeda are teaching the lucky ones.

donderdag, november 02, 2006

Animating with code

A very fine open source project for animating everything in Flash, including the new filters:


Check it out yeah!