woensdag, februari 09, 2011

Flash Player 10.2 \\ StageVideo

Dear people of Earth, Flash Player 10.2 is out!

There has been a lot of talk on the optimalisation of video rendering and the use of Stage Video API:

So I decided to do a little benchmark test.

Flash Player 10.2 without Stage Video API: fullscreen browser (1680x1050)
CPU 112%

Flash Player 10.2 with Stage Video API: fullscreen browser (1680x1050)
CPU 39.5%

HTML5 Video (Vimeo) small resolution (640x360)
CPU 63.7%

HTML5 Video (Vimeo) fullscreen (1680x1050)
CPU 100.7%

I think the Stage Video API is big step forward and we haven't seen the last of it.

Here are the pictures:

Flash Player with Stage Video: CPU 39.5%

HTML5 Video fullscreen: CPU 100.7%

Flash Player without Stage Video: CPU 111.2%

HTML5 Video (640x360) CPU 63.7%