zondag, september 12, 2010

The Adobe MAX Unaward show: An adventure

I think I may have found a new passion. A passion that will steer my life in a new direction.
A direction that will bring me joy and fulfill all the wishes I desire.

This new passion is called: Acting...

The always lovely Serge Jespers from Adobe called me up one day and asked me to join him on a project he was getting started with. He wanted to create a widget called: 'The Max Unaward show'.
However, he was not looking for some extra horse coding power. No, he needed an actor.... What, wait, me?
But people, when you get a call from Serge, no matter what the question is, your answer is yes! (ok maybe not for every question...)

And so the adventure began... We had a crazy day of doing preparation and shooting the video.
We started out with shopping for the most crazy 'tv host' outfit we could find. Yep it felt like the 'moron' brothers day out :-) and headed out to Amsterdam where Klaas Jan Tukker and Ton Frederiks from Adobe joined us to help with the project. I there realized that Ton really knows a ton (no pun intended haha) about video and video editing.

I wore Serge's shoes, who were like 4 sizes too big for me, for most of the day.
And my daughter loves the shirt so she adopted it with love:

Read all about the project and the making off here:

Serge did a tremendous amount of work on the widget and writing about it.

Thanks to Serge, Klaas Jan, Ton and the Adobe crew!

Go now and Unaward yourself here:

I am out there with the big boys because I already won a MAX Unaward:

With love,


The guy who will stick to computers instead of acting.