maandag, februari 27, 2006

Suzuki Wanna Fly game in progress

It's been more than a week since the previous post, but I have a good excuse.
I got married last week and I can tell you, it was great. We had a hell of a party here and we had a great time resting (sleeping :-) here

A new challenge for the team has emerged...
We are proud Suzuki is working with us for the creation of a new online game.
We are gonna do this in 3 days :-)
Deadlines are always sneaking up on you from dark and dirty
alleys .

Check out some screenshots:

dinsdag, februari 14, 2006

SeeingIsBelieving work for Microsoft/Alcatel getting noticed

In an article by friend and colleague Steven Verbruggen (see, Steven writes the following:

Ik heb een tijdje geleden een demo gezien van het Microsoft platform (wat dat is hetgeen ze produceren, een product om IPTV te zien) en ik moet zeggen dat het er verdomd goed uit zag. Zeer vlot, zeer mooi vorm gegeven, en zeer geïntegreerd met andere services zoals communicatie, entertainment enzovoort. Frankly, wat ik daar gezien heb stak met kop en schouders uit boven zowel het product van Telenet en Belgacom.

He is saying that a demo he saw for Microsoft's IPTV platform was really good. It happens to be that Indra and myself where members of the team at Alcatel who created this demo.
It's nice to see that our work gets appreciated :-)

vrijdag, februari 10, 2006

Bart Stassen helps out in New Orleans

One of our colleague developers took off to go and help out the people in New Orleans.

You can read and view all about it on his website:

It reminds me of the fact that our everyday work we all love, is just a way of trying to make time go by...

Bart, you're a great guy for doing this. Keep it up man!

woensdag, februari 08, 2006

Flash colorpicker Component

All free and for you to download.
A basic colorpicker component:

Download the fla here.

Mariah luv: part II (a work in progress)

The one and only non-virtual Mariah Carey wallpaper!

dinsdag, februari 07, 2006

Working on...

1. sshhhtt, top secret project...
/*the tower of power rules the universe...*/

2. cd-rom for Durabrik (a major contractor firm).
Pretty nifty stuff with databases, xml and on and on and on. You know how these things are now a days :-)
Indra is working this all out in components, it's gonna be really nice

vrijdag, februari 03, 2006

Flash 8, it's here! It's here!!

Finally, we all have our own copy of the sensational Flash8 release!

Look at it shining on my desk... hmmm

Depending on the cheering (jéééé Flash 8 is here) and the dancing that came along with this delivery, I must acknowledge the nerdness level in this office is extremly high!

woensdag, februari 01, 2006

Sweet (and oh so sad at the same time...)

Make no mistake... We REALLY do love Mariah Carey! (Meria luvvvv)

And we don't just talk about it, we actually do it :
/* yeah we are that kind of people,... really*/

This will be a major real life wallpaper, more on this to come!

Working on...

For the non believers... we are actually producing stuff here!

SeeingIsBelieving on tour does:

major 3d stuff

fixing groovy old skool banners

cool 'RoofViewer' application in flash8 pushing the boundaries of the ColorMatrix class, yihaa!

Gotta go now (work is waiting).
More to come, more to come....

Playlist for today

Murten's playlist for today:
  • Barbara Streisand
  • Frank Sinatra
  • Rob De Nijs
  • Billy Joel
  • Spandau Ballet
  • Billy Idol
  • Laura Branigan
  • Milk Inc
  • Level42
  • Nat King Cole
  • Lionel Ritchie

Dreaming away... dreaming away... *sigh*...