donderdag, maart 30, 2006

Master @ Work: BMW Z4 by Joshua Davis

The new BMW Z4 by Joshua Davis...
Be sure to check the making of.

Mucho respecto for Mister Joshua Davis...

woensdag, maart 29, 2006

Chuck Norris facts

Check this out:

Chuck Norris on television reading his own facts.
It's great.
Check the source too:

I bow before thee reader...

Done by SIB master Murten.

He thinks he's funny, but really Mister T. is a great source of inspiration to all of us

zondag, maart 26, 2006

Pinokkio game has arrived!

It is online, it is online people!
The game we created for one of Belgium's finest entertainment studio's: Studio 100.

Try to save pinokkio out of the whale.

Check it out:

Estimations are this game will be played by +/- 40.000 people.
Do I need to say this is a lot..

IT'S A LOT!!!!!!

vrijdag, maart 10, 2006

Working on the Studio100 game

Yeah, we have a big screen!
/*yes we can also see it is not installed the way it should be*/

Look at us doing the game for Studio100.
When it's finished we'll put up the engine source code.
It's not rocket science but still :-)

Aren't we sweet?


enjoy the week-end.

maandag, maart 06, 2006

SIB proudly works for Studio100

SeeingIsBelieving will create screenplay, storyboards and flash programming for a game for Studio100's new production Pinokkio.

Studio100 is a major company in Belgium producing tv shows, musicals and merchandise for kids.
Every game they release on their website is good for +/- 30.000 unique players.

Do I need to say we are very proud....
We are very proud!

donderdag, maart 02, 2006

Internet is not a very good product name, now is it?

We had a small discussion that internet is not a pretty straightforward name for what it really is.
So Murten came up with a new name for the internet:

'Thing on screen with information" aka "TOSWI" pronounce as toshwi

TOSWI is great, TOSWI is mighty!

woensdag, maart 01, 2006

Our work featured on television

This saturday the application 'Amigo TV' for Alcatel/Microsoft TV we have build will be featured in 'Savoir Plus Sciences'. A television show on science France2.

Program that dvd recorder yeah! (or your vcr for the non believers ;-)

Suzuki Wanna Fly online

The Suzuki Wanna Fly game is online!
We managed to pull this off (site included) in 2 days!
Yes that's right 2 days!
It's even a day earlier then expected
/*this does happen once in a while :-) */

Check it out and play