dinsdag, mei 13, 2008

Multi Mania 2008: be there or be square!

I will be doing a session at the upcoming Multi Mania conference the 23th of May.
I will be talking about Flash and Air, and how you can do some really cool stuff when you combine them. I am not talking you're average mp3 player or standard business application here people!

Multi Mania is one of the biggest multimedia events in Europe. 
With more than 30 international speakers and +800 attendees this is one not to miss! And most of all, it's free of charge!

I will be in the good company of guys and girls like: Peter Elst, Ralph Hauwert, Aral Balkan, Mario Klingemann, Stephanie Sullivan, Hoss Gifford, Bart Chanet, Seven Productions, Group94, Serge Jespers and so on...

The atmposhere will be good, there are great speakers, there is free luch and there will be a great party afterwards, so I'll see you there!

A word of thanks to everybody involved in organizing this FREE event is in place here.
Muchas gracias Multi Mania team!

Don't forget to stay in touch for the great mobile app for Multi Mania my collegue Mr. Thomas Joos is developing. Check it out here:

4 opmerkingen:

Thomas zei

Thanks for the reminder Wim! The application will be released next week so everybody stay tuned for a massive 2M08 Mobile Experience =)

Jens zei

Hey wim, thx for the presentation . I really enjoyed it. And the background music for your presentation Utah Saints - Something Good (Andrew Phillips remix) was a nice addon :).
If you would do more presentations I think I would come often :)


Wim Vanhenden zei

Hi Jens,

Thanks a lot man!
Nice one on the Utah Saints :-)
I guess you have seen the videoclip. It's hilarious.

See you next time dude!

Billigflüge Australien zei

It was my first event of this kind, since I ever thought that I´ll get terrible headache when I attend, but this was an awesome!! The presentations were exciting, the speakers weren´t boring and the party was just great! I´m really looking forward to the next one. And surely I´ll attend the next European 360|Flex.