dinsdag, juli 08, 2008

Exhibition: Wim Vanhenden @ Actionfields Brussels - art with flash

I am proud to inform you that coming august I will be exhibiting at the Actionfields gallery in Brussels.

Many fine artist like Ben Kruisdijk & Conny KuilboerStefan AnnerelThomas HuygheGreet Van Autgaerden and many others have exhibited there.

For more info please visit www.actionfields.be

I would like to thank Vincent Verbiest for believing and having me in his gallery. Vincent is a cool guy who cares for art and the artists he works with. Thanks Vincent. 

I also would like to thank Carl Jacops for believing in me, listening to me, giving me good advise and mentoring me. Thanks Carl.

Selected works:

We Are The World

The Interpreter

The Participator

If you wanna know more about my art, please drop me a line or just stop by in august and stay tuned on my blog and website.

Did I mention all of my work is done in Flash?
Well it's all done in Flash :-)

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Benz zei


Wim Vanhenden zei

Benz dude!

Always nice to hear from you man.

Thanks! Let's hope we'll meet each other soon sometime. I think it's most definitely time for some beers :-)

Cheers mate!