vrijdag, september 29, 2006

Flash Player on Linux

Yup, this is what we nerds do in our spare time.

Me and my buddy Peter, got the standalone flash player 6 working on Linux distr. Fedora Core 5. It didn't work the first time offcourse (it's always like that). Problems with missing libraries and stuff. We had to install some libraries from the Fedora 4 core and suddenly it worked.

We all know the feeling when stuff like this suddenly works. For about 7.3 seconds you really think you are the smartest one on the planet.

It's a pitty that Adobe doesn't support newer standalone versions than version 6.

Muchas gracias to Mr. Peter Galle, for setting up the Linux and walking me through it!

1. Encountering problems...

2. We made it!

3. SWF with animations and scripting

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