donderdag, september 28, 2006

Big Spaceship Labs!

Big Spaceship have put their code on how the did the movenement in the Nike Air site online.
You can find here:

Dear people, this is really something.

Let me refraise again:
One of the market industry leaders who are shaping the sites as we like them are putting the source code of one of their newest engines online. We are not talking about some bouncing ball they have developped 2 years ago. This engine is brand new and used in their latest work.

If more agencys use this code and, more important, share their own, the evolution of multimedia websites will be much faster than it is today.

So it's not all about the code itself actually. The initiative is even as much as important.
I hear you saying: "Open source is widespread allready and many fine people have put some great code online allready. So why are you so excited?"
Well because Big Spaceship is one the few market leaders doing it. Not too many agencys like BS are doing this.

In the end (does it end really?), we will all benefit from this and especially agencys who were there first :-)

Thank you Big Spaceship!

check out the Big Spacehip video presentation from the latest Flash In The Can festival:

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