maandag, juli 17, 2006

Behind the scenes of a website

See how rich media websites are developped now a days.
The workflow is pretty close to shooting a commercial or multiple scene's for any regular movie.

Creating full blown experiences on the web like this one,, is more than opening up photoshop and flash. It involves a lot of strategic decisions, (motion) designers, tight planning and budget control, studio's, actors, technicians, coders, copywriters, and so on...

The times that you could create a competitive, compelling consumer website for high-end clients with 2 guys and a flash intro are really behind us now.
We are all growing up aren't we :-)

But beware, sites like these must be well tested.
It did crash on me. While preloading a new section, the preloader just gave up on me and nothing happend anymore. I waited for more than 15 seconds, but nothing happend. I couldn't click on anything anymore as well.
I also noticed 2 translation mistakes in the dutch website.
* In the interior section one of the buttons says: "Verken de buitenzijde", which means 'explore the exterior'.
* the back button, which is actually also the preloader, still says: "retour acceuil". Which is French and should not appear when you are in the dutch website.

Apart from that, very nice work!


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