zaterdag, april 26, 2008

Flash @ Bozar: Museum of Fine Arts in Brussels

Hello my dear fellow readers,
It's been very busy past few weeks, and I will get back on more stuff I have been working on, but I am proud to inform you that one of my works has been selected for the Canvas Collectie.
4700 artists with a total of 14.000 works registerd for this competition. In total 250 artist were chosen and their work will be exhibited at the prestigious Museum of Fine Arts Bozar in Brussels.

No need to say I feel honored with this accomplishment.

The work that has been chosen is called WeAreTheWorld and is a real time search engine scraper, completely written in Flash.
I think this is the first piece of art done in Flash that will be displayed at Bozar.

Screenshot @ Culture Club Gent

Prints @ The Guesthouse Antwerp

Prints @ The Guesthouse Antwerp

Testing @ my livingroom

Testing @ my livingroom

5 opmerkingen:

Serge Jespers zei

Congrats Wim!
It's not really the first Flash piece in a museum but still very cool!

Wim Vanhenden zei

Thanks Serge! It means a lot to me.

I was not quite clear about Flash in museums but maybe it's the first Flash piece at the Bozar museum? I'm not sure at all, but I would be cool :-)
I'll check it out.

Erlend zei

Another great example that digital art, is art too!


thomas zei

nice work wim! really cool.
congrats dude !

Christophe Herreman zei

Congrats Wim!