woensdag, april 15, 2009

Belgian Adoube User Group Meeting: Inspiring evening

Yesterday evening the Belgian Adobe User Group meeting was great!
It was good to see some of the guys again. I had a few beers and enjoyed the great line up.

Gijs from Webwave also having a few beers... 
Cheers Gijs!

This time not so much about the tools or coding itself but much more inspiring sessions. More of that in the future if you ask me.

1. Volstok/Telefunken
These guys are creating some fine pieces of video and animation. 
Already famous for their 120 episodes counting series called: De monsters

Monsters: 013 meisje wip from Volstok Telefunken on Vimeo.

They presented us with some very good insights about their production process. 
In their flow they animate one 30 second spot in 3 days using After Effects. (they are at episode 120..sic)

It goes something like this:
1. Live shooting with an actor
2. Character is drawn in Illustrator with the different body parts seperated
3. Shadows on the character with Photoshop
4. Animation in After Effects (masssive use of the Puppet tool and expressions)

2. Reginald Van De Velde
Reginald practices the art of Urban Exploration
Basically this is entering abandoned buildings and taking photographs. 
All of this is done with a set of rules and respect for the sites explored. 

When it all comes together, the story behind the location, the right atmosphere, the light and a good photographer some amazing photographs, whom truly form an heritage for those to come, come out of this.

Check out Reginald his website and see for yourself...

3. Mike Van Cleven

This photographer based in Belgium is mostly known for his fashion and editorial photo-shoots. 

Among showing numerous of his pictures and how he did it, he also talked about where he came from creativly and where he wants to go. 
For me that was one of the most important topics in his talk.

Mike started a project called the collaborative. This is an effort to bring creative people in various fields together. The first project kicked off with is a calendar where Mike provided only pictures of naked girls on a white background. 

Then the photographs are handed over to digital artists to do post production without any creative rules except that breasts and the pubic region should be covered.
This results in some very inspiring result. Check it out on the collaborative.

It was a great evening and very inspiring. 

Thanks to the AUG crew!

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