woensdag, oktober 25, 2006

Movie websites: The past, the present

This is how movie websites looked like about 10 years ago:

This is what they look like now:

If you are somewhere around 30 you will remember the times you were waiting 7 minutes to view a 30 second trailer in a format of 160/120 pixels. And at that time it felt like you were the premier witness of something magical.

Now we allmost have it all. Sound, effects, animation,...
But still the average medium resolution of a trailer is somewhere between 320/160 and 480/260. This means we've added about 200 pixels in 10 years.
Maybe not that much? But then again, it shouldn't really matter.

I was as excited back then, as I am now and will be in the future.
It's like with television. Nobody missed it back in the days it didn't exist.
15 years ago we didn't care for broadband technologie or Flash or Ajax, because it was just not there.
We'll see what the future brings.



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