vrijdag, oktober 06, 2006

Motion tracking in Flash 8

I have made a screen capture of some of my motion tracking tests in Flash 8.
I also created a recording function as you can see in the movie below.

The left screen is the captured data, the right screen is the original incoming data.
I was using the flashlight on my cell phone as the light source, which was not very reliable.
But it's working.

The data is captured at a rate of 1 millisecond at 800/600 resolution. That is not bad, not bad at all.

Here's a view of my very professional setup :-)

2 opmerkingen:

Steven zei

Hello, I'm really interested in this because I have to do a schoolproject about motion tracking in Flash. Any tips about how you use this technique would be helpful > steven.simoens@howest.be


Justin zei

Nice work. I've documented my own aproach to motion tracking in AS3. A demo is up at http://blog.soulwire.co.uk/flash/actionscript-3/webcam-motion-detection-tracking/ if you're interested.

Cheers, keep up the good work ;)