maandag, januari 28, 2008

Usergroup: New Year get together ruled!

Last week-end the Belgain Adobe User group got together to celebrate the new year. And a celebration it was!

There were great speakers and sessions and we closed the place with too much wine and cigars.

1. Serge Jespers on Flexbuilder 3 and AIR.
There are now 8.000.000 downloads a day for flash player 9 and about 500.000 AIR runtime installs allready.
A great feaure in Flexbuilder 3 is the automatic creation of a project from an existing database. The setup is simple and Flexbuilder creates all your projects files and php files. You could even use this just for the creation of the php files for further use in Flash!
Don't forget about the runtime shared libraries. You can have the Flex framework cached which decreases file size dramatically.

2. James Ward on BlazeDS
Blaze Data Services is now what the Lifecycle Data Services used to be.
A lot of cool stuff for Flex.
The profiler, the messaging service in AMF and did you know that AMF already has standard compression. Check out this amazing demo about the power of AMF:
Still a pitty to see a lot cool stuff for Flex you can not use in Flash (AMF messaging, profiler,...)

3. Christophe Herreman
Christophe talked about the Prana framework wich is quite impressive.
Prana is about Inversion of Control (IOC), learn more about it here.
It's about programming against interfaces, dependency pull, constructor injection and setter injection all controlled with a XML dialect. Although I have to admit it's not always easy to get your head around some of these concepts and to implement them in fast packed Flash projects (not Flex) it's very usefull to try familiarize yourself with them.

4. Jerome on
Lovelycharts is an online diagramming application written in flex. It's in beta now and it is impressive. As Jermo says it is easy to use, fast and does what it needs to do. Nothing more, nothing less. I think I will be throwing all Visio and OpenOffice tools to do this overboard.
Check it out here.

I especially would like to thank Koen for setting this up. It was a fun evening and I had a good time. I stayed behind with Peter, Steven, Marc, Gijs and Koen, we had more drinks, cigars (thanks Gijs!) and closed up at my place.

Here's some pictures, for more pictures check out Wouter his pictures here.

Serge doing Britney Spears

Christophe Herreman going deep

Jerome lovely

Koen, our chairman dirty dancing

The ADOBE wine!

Gijs on the run with the ADOBE wine!

Peter and Koen

Mr Dunn (the best hair in the world!)

Mister Verbruggen (thanks for lending me the money dude!)

Koen and Peter at my house

Marc and Gijs having a last cigar

6 opmerkingen:

gijs zei

It was cool idd, tnx for placing my back on your blog (was that really the adobe wine?)

Wim Vanhenden zei

Hey Gijs dude,

Would you believe that I really can't remember which wine it was ;-)

thomas zei

hello wim,

Op de usergroup meeting heb ik je al een voorproefje laten zien van de FITC Mobile Application waar ik mee bezig ben. Omdat ik merkte dat je er vrij enthousiast over was vroeg ik me af of je ze eens zou willen beta testen alvorens ze officieel gereleased wordt. Je kan een mailtje sturen naar thomasjoos[at] of eens op mijn blog gaan kijken eventueel.
ps: je hebt natuurlijk een gsm met flash lite 2.0 player nodig op je gsm, in het slechtste geval kan je de swf al eens bekijken in device central

grtz Thomas

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