maandag, november 12, 2007

Mike Chambers and Lee Brimelow in Belgium

Mister Mike Chambers and mister Lee Brimelow were the guest speakers at our Belgian Adobe User Group.

It's been really great to have these 2 guys with us. Mike and Lee did 2 sessions on Adobe AIR.

Mike gave us some general insights on AIR and what Adobe will be doing in the future. Keep an eye out for Hydra and Thermo.

Lee is pretty new in the Adobe team and he did a really great session.
He's a funny guy, if you have the change, go and watch him or watch the video here.

Lee is a flash developer and works with AIR mostly from Flash.

Topics on Lee's presentation:

1. Using Flash or Flex? Let the project decide:

Pro Flex:
Flex rich component set
Flex Builder 3 coding experience
Flex data binding

Pro Flash:
when using animation
Video (FLV Playback component)
No extra weight from the flex framework.

2. System Tray is in AIR now :-)

3. Hacks to launch native procesess.

This was live blogging. The sessions are now done and some pictures and the video will be up soon.

Take care!

2 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

I`m curious about the "Hacks to launch native processes"!
Can you give some more info about this?

Wim Vanhenden zei

Hey Benz dude,

Well Lee and Mike didn't want to talk too much about this.

It's just some experiments they are doing at the moment.
I am not sure what their plans are.