maandag, oktober 15, 2007

I am speaking at Adobe MAX Barcelona!

This is live blogging from the Adobe MAX event at Barcelona. Yihaa!!

First let me tell you it's already been great so far. We arrived yesterday, just went for a quick meal at McDonalds and headed back to the hotel to work on our presentation. In the evening I was invited by the people of Adobe Benelux to have diner at this cool place by the beach called Bestial. A big cheerio to the Adobe crew.

I had a great time. I was seated right next to the loveley Serge Jespers and it seems his table manners have been improved by now.

But today it's time for the real deal.

I am joining my collegue Mr. Nicolas Lierman on stage this afternoon for a demo presentation of the Google Analytics reporting suite. No suprise I am very excited.

I will be outlining some general information about AIR and why everybody should use it along with some less serious but very cool applications I made. There will be the Stinky Panda Tamagotchi and a desktop Mariah Carey (yeah really!).

Stay tuned, I will be back for more.

A few snapshots for you to enjoy:

The TV in my hotel room welcomes me personally. How cool is that?

We flew just 2 hours and here they are: Palmtrees rule!

Mr Nicolas Lierman looking sharp by the pool

Diner with the Adobe crew

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Hey Wim,
Mc Donnalds in Barcelona... that's sad! Take tapas, paella's and good wine!
Heres a tip: go to bar Mariachi, codols 14 in Bario Gotico. I was there 2 weeks ago. It's the bar where you can find Manu Chao when he's not touring. But drink beer in bottle. You'll see why!
Have fun and see you soon,