vrijdag, januari 12, 2007

Papervision3D: another flash 3D engine

Thanks to self proclaimed flash evangelist Nicolas who pushed me into the flash 3D engines I started playing around with Sandy (see previous post) and Papervision3D.

Papervision is an engine written for AS2 as well as AS3.
It is still in private beta but the results are stunning. I have been goofing around with the AS3 engine and it's really performing well.

You will need flash player 9 to view this:

Check it out in a new browser window :

Download the source here:

This demo features around 300 objects on stage with 2 sided bitmap material and a moving camera. I have never seen 3D performing like this in Flash.

Sandy is performing slower and you need the pixlib framework too.
I know it is not really fair comparing an AS2 to AS3 application when it comes to performance.
But the AS2 version of Papervision seems to be performing better than Sandy as well. Feel free to comment :-)

Sandy however supports much more primitives and methods than Papervision3d. Papervision only has mesh, plane and point while Sandy implements box, hedra, plane, sphere, cylinder, line, etc..

Anyway all the guys and girls (it seems there are too few girls doing stuff like this) who are putting things like this online deserve a big cheerio!

CHEERIO!!! and thanks to the open source flash community!

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Claudio zei

If I open PaperTest.html my CPU usage goes over 90%. :)

Diesel Replacement Parts zei

Well it's known that if you want a fast computer, you're gonna need a fast operating system. If you want to get technical about which specific motherboard and everything else to use then I guess we can save that for another blog (haha) but what a computer essentially needs to run quick is a lot of RAM. With today's technology, we have stock computers running with 4 gb RAM for the speed of the computer. The hard drive and all simply resembles the amount the computer can store in its memory. But, I'm pretty sure that we all know the basics of the machine :)