vrijdag, februari 10, 2006

Bart Stassen helps out in New Orleans

One of our colleague developers took off to go and help out the people in New Orleans.

You can read and view all about it on his website:


It reminds me of the fact that our everyday work we all love, is just a way of trying to make time go by...

Bart, you're a great guy for doing this. Keep it up man!

2 opmerkingen:

belgianwolfie zei

hey man , thanx so much for the support

this is my last day in New Orleans ...
I'm flying back accross the ocean a partly sad but also satisfied man ...

there is still so much to do here ... they it's gonna take 10 years or more before everything is back to normal more or less ...

gotta go back tho for my girlfriend ... it's been long enough :)

thanx for the support
Bart Stassen
still live from New Orleans , Louisiana.

Wim Vanhenden zei

Dear Bart,

I hope you are well and the flight back was not too long...

I guess we'll see each other soon on on of the MMUG meetings. I would like to hear more azbout the trip.

See you soon,